Deep Brain Innovations

Deep Brain Innovations™ (DBI) was formed in 2012 as a portfolio company of NDI to commercialize a proprietary method for optimizing deep brain stimulation (DBS) therapy through novel patterns of stimulation. DBI’s Temporally Optimized Patterned Stimulation™ (TOPS) technology is designed to increase the efficiency of implanted neurostimulation systems and enable the commercialization of devices designed to be more cost-effective, smaller, and longer lasting, requiring fewer lifetime replacements while concurrently reducing the potential for implant replacement related complications, such as infections.

SPR Therapeutics

SmartpatchDeviceSPR Therapeutics (Stimulation for Pain Relief) was spun-out from NDI in January 2010 to develop a novel peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) therapy platform meeting a critical unmet need for minimally invasive, long lasting, and cost effective pain treatments across an array of painful neuropathic and orthopedic conditions affecting the joints and limbs.

The company is commercializing novel and proprietary treatment methods and technologies, including both short-term, percutaneous systems and long-term, fully-implantable systems.
The first product to be commercialized is the SMARTPATCH® PNS System, a minimally-invasive, percutaneous therapy designed to stimulate peripheral nerves for up to 30 days to relieve pain. SMARTPATCH received CE Mark certification for chronic shoulder pain in 2013.

SPR has been awarded more than $5 million in federal and state research grants, including a grant from the United States Department of Defense of nearly $3 million to advance its therapies in post-amputation pain. SPR has raised $5 million in Series A financing from the NDI Healthcare Fund, Public Square Partners, and individual investors.

portfolio-imageCheckpoint Surgical

Checkpoint Surgical was formed as a portfolio company of NDI in 2009. In 2010, Checkpoint Surgical launched the CHECKPOINT® Nerve Stimulator/Locator, its first FDA-cleared product in a line of unique surgical devices to locate, identify, and test excitability of nerves and muscles in surgical procedures in an effort to improve patient outcomes. Checkpoint Surgical targets an estimated market over the next ten years in excess of $3 billion in orthopedic, otolaryngology, maxillofacial, oncology, trauma and plastic surgery procedures.

Checkpoint has experienced consistent and substantial revenue growth based on widespread use of the device among orthopedic, head and neck, ENT, hand, plastic, reconstructive and craniofacial surgeons. Checkpoint customers include more than 100 top U.S. hospital systems and the sales are expanding in international markets based on CE Mark certification granted in 2012.


NDI’s MEDSTIM® system was an implanted device used to deliver electrical stimulation to pelvic nerves that control bladder function.  The company was sold to Medtronic, Inc. in April 2008 for $42 million.